The Power of Mystery

Marty - 22601, Virginia
Entered on August 3, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

The Power of Mystery

DNA, dark matter, trilobites, learning to play my keyboard, Japanese landscape paintings, training my dog, listening to Rachmaninov, traveling to new places, finding something unique (at least to me), ,,, these are all things I enjoy reading about, studying, looking at, and doing. What is it about certain things that draws our individual attention, attracts our set of brain cells and chemicals to focus on that group of subjects and activities?

Standing stones, the cycles of the moon, the charisma of Jesus or Buddha or Mohamed, the storms and silences of weather and wave. What is it about invoking the spiritual presence of a force greater than ourselves that leads us to greater service, more compassion, humility, grace or the fire of personal integrity?

Intrigue, romance, curiosity, journeys, homecomings, change, adversity, triumph over adversity. What is it about storytelling that fires our imagination and draws us in as mental participants?

What all these things have in common is mystery.

Mystery is what draws me to subjects. How does DNA code for body structure, brain function and even personality? What else influences these same aspects of each of us? It seems the more scientists learn the more questions arise. Thus mystery not only intrigues the scientist is continues to bait her as her knowledge increases.

Mystery is what keeps me coming back to investigate things. A little understanding is addictive, leading to more questions. The slow unveiling is seductive; the “ah ha” moments are like the jackpot of treats I give Sam when the light bulb of understanding goes off in her doggy brain. She gets it; her face lights up just like mine must do.

Mystery keeps me humble. Although I seek out answers there are things beyond my senses, beyond my comprehension, beyond even belief. I see often that I have failed to understand what another person might need or is trying to tell me. I don’t understand why someone takes a position that seems contrary to reality, to facts in evidence, or even to their own self interest. I am frustrated when I see roadblocks to improvements, but I know (although not always at the time) that there must be something I am missing.

I believe in the power of mystery.