I Believe in Love

Daniel - Sunny Isles Beach, Florida
Entered on August 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

This I Believe

I believe in love. I believe in love because there is power in love. In my opinion it is the only thing that has the ability to unite, destroy, and create. Some people do not agree or do not understand why I feel this way, and unfortunately I think that some will never understand or believe in love. I do not blame these people for being nonbelievers, in my opinion love is much like religion, some don’t believe because they can’t see it. I know that seeing is not believing in some cases, but for others it is hard because they need something to let them know that they can believe.

I am lucky enough to have love in my life and that is partly my reason for believing in it, but I do not love just because I have an amazing girlfriend and a caring family. I love because I know what it is like to feel the opposite of love, to wait for love and to have love and know how much more complete it makes me feel. I know it might sound corny, but when I am hurt it isn’t a doctor that makes me feel better, its the people around me, its the fact that they are worried, its the fact that they care.

The sad part is that the people who don’t believe in the reality of love don’t realize how true it is. Like many other things in life, love needs to be nurtured in order to stay alive. Love is not only a belief its so much more. If you don’t take care of the girl you love, you may lose her. If you neglect your kids and take them for granted, they won’t be loving toward you. There are all different kinds of love and that’s the beauty of it. You don’t have to show affection to love someone or something, you don’t have to kiss and cuddle, but you do have to nurture your belief and continue to love the way you’ve always loved because the ugliness of it is that you can lose love… every single kind.

I have always known that I am loved by my family and my close friends but I don’t think that I have always been a firm believer in love because I had only felt the family type of love. I yearned for a girlfriend but never knew why and when I met her and became her friend, I didn’t need to know why, I just needed her. After I said I loved her and she said it back, I felt so different, so changed. I had learned a new kind of love and honestly, it is still the best kind that I feel to this day. It is the kind of love that gives me butterflies and makes me smile for no reason. What my mom provides me is the kind of love that makes me feel safe and protected, and what my sis and brother provide me with is the kind of love that makes me feel protective and strong. All of the love I receive makes me who I am, it makes me an effective human being and it makes me appreciate many facets of life and this earth.

My philosophy on love is that everyone should believe in it because it can make you happy, it can make you sad and it can do so much more. I believe in love and so I cherish it and I take care of it to make sure that I never lose it. Many people feel the same way I do, and even people who are depressed because they lost love believe because they are missing something that gave them so much. Love is powerful, love is splendid, love is beautiful—this I believe.