I believe in taking action

Ivan - draper, Utah
Entered on July 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe. I believe in receiving rewards for work. To achieve what you want by doing what you need to do. I believe that you get what you deserve. The way to achieve happiness and prosperity in life takes hard work. You will not achieve anything, you won’t be the wealthiest person, you won’t have the biggest mansion, and you might not have the fastest sports car, by just thinking that you deserve it. Do not get me wrong I do believe that having a positive attitude, a positive mind set is the essential to getting what you want, grasping what you desire. Without action you will not accomplish anything.

I believe that there is a process to achieving your goals. First you must know what you want, second you must believe you can achieve it, third you must visualize yourself that you achieved it, and fourth doing what is necessary, taking action and begin your road to your reward. I believe that the step after visualizing what you want is the most important of them all. You cannot achieve anything without working for it. You cannot become a doctor without first going to medical school. You cannot become a lawyer without first going to law school and this works with everything. It doesn’t matter how simple your goal is, you cannot achieve it without first doing the work required. It doesn’t matter how positive your attitude is, or how much you believe in yourself, like I said before, without action you will accomplish nothing.

This I believe. I believe in believing. To believe is much more than just to say, “I believe in ____.” It is so much more than thinking that you believe in _____. To believe is to feel, to live, to think, to love, and expect in what you believe in. To have in your mind in every minute of every day, to have saved in what you believe in, to know what you believe in. what is to be happy? To live the enjoyable moment in life and overcome with a positive mind all the more challenging times. That without a doubt you can say, “I love life and every moment of it.” It doesn’t matter if it is a good, bad, hard, or sad, after those moments you wake up every morning and thank God that you have what you have. Although you may want more you know that you need nothing more than life to be happy.