beauty is only skin deep

kathleen - harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Entered on July 30, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

Of course this is a saying we hear often and I believe most people know this to be true. I always felt I knew all about this also, but as most things go in life we really only understand better when we experience something that changes our life, and often our way of thinking.

I made this discovery when three of the most important men in my life passed away. My dad, my husband and my younger brother all died within three years of each other.

It was when my dad was dying that I made this discovery. Three days after a successful surgery my dad had a stroke and was in a coma for five weeks. As I was visiting alone and watching his still body that only a week earlier was so full of life and energy. He had been a wonderful dad. As he was laying so still I started to think about how his body was once so alive and handsome. That’s when I started to feel as if our outer self is only a suitcase and what we carry inside is really what is important. My dad had a lot of wonderful things in his suitcase. Humor, faith and kindness to name a few. Beauty is only skin deep.

Four months later my husband died very suddenly after surgery. In an instant he was gone. His suitcase no longer strong as it had once been but like my dad filled with wonderful treasures. Beauty is only skin deep.

Then my younger brother died. His death was the hardest death since he was an alcoholic. I must add he was also loving and kind but I believe he was also weak. His dying was an ugly death. When we went to see him on the day he died he looked nothing like my beautiful brother. He was swollen and bleeding. He was waiting for a new liver and was first on the list but his body could not wait any longer. As his wife held his hand and wiped his face talking to him with so much love. She did not see how ugly his suitcase had become but only saw what was inside. All the wonderful things that made everyone love him. Beauty is only skin deep.

I think of these amazing men always. If anyone saw what their suitcases ended up looking like they would place no value on them at all. But if they knew what treasures were inside these fine men they would learn so much. Beauty is only skin deep.

Finally I must end by telling you that I am remarried to a wonderful man. I think he is very handsome. You may even say he is beautiful. Kind and loving. The most important thing is I have learned that what is in his suitcase is far more important. God has helped me learn these great lessons. Beauty is only skin deep this I believe.