The Perfect Bubble Bath Creates a Future

Brianne - Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Entered on July 27, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

I believe in bubble baths. Everyone has a particular procedure before relishing in the perfect bubble bath, whether it means adding a few candles to the room or a scoop of bath salts, the ideal preparation will lead to that soothing goal of forgetting the day’s anxieties. I am sure there is nothing more comforting in life than stepping into a porcelain tub, overflowing with the scent of lavender and vanilla bubbles, feeling the steaming water on your toes, and allowing all your stresses melt away. The construction of a flawless bath is critical in the final enjoyment of the soak. The steps to create such a masterpiece are carried out in the same manner each time one enjoys the thrill of a bubble bath, however, there is plenty of room for error and modification.

My preparation isn’t anything special. I fill the tub with water making sure the temperature is just a few degrees above comfort level, so that when I climb into the tub my body must grow accustomed to the almost scalding water. I then pour my calming lavender bubble bath just underneath the faucet in order to achieve maximum foam. I next light a candle or two, turn on my iPod and shut the lights off. When I become settled in the tub, I let out that long comforted sigh of relief, and feel time slow. The sensation of the perfect bubble bath is indescribable and almost magical. I instantaneously disregard any uninvited angers, heartaches, or concerns that may have crossed my path that day. The formula for my bubble bath allows the soak to be pleasing and more delightful than if I were to simply jump in the tub, ignoring the plan.

Everyone has heard the expression, “slow and steady, wins the race.” This idiom could not be more accurate. Before diving, head first into a new goal or occupation, one must stop, and plan how they will go about achieving their success. I am a History major with intent on becoming a high school teacher. I know I will be spending a minimum of five years in college; I must complete all of the necessary classes and requirements in order to receive my teaching license, I also must overload my course schedule and take multiple summer lessons. Imagine the stress, knowing all of this as a freshman. Though I will spend my next five years with my head in a book, I yearn for the first day of school, when I will have the ability to stand in front of a class, and not be sitting at a desk. The preparation of a particular goal may be time-consuming and thorough; however, the achievement will be rewarding.

Bubble baths are beyond wonderful; words cannot describe the gratifying success of the perfect soak in a porcelain tub. However, I believe the steps of preparing such a pleasurable experience are what make the end result so enchanting.