This I Believe

Amanda - Draper, Utah
Entered on July 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everyone should have access dance. Meaning that nobody should be patronized for dancing. Dancing has been such a big and influential part of my life. If i did not have dance in my life, I don’t know how I would live. By dancing I am able to express myself. If I have no one to talk to my problems about or have a hard time expressing them to others, I just dance. In one particular time in my life, my family and I were going through a rough time. My parents were on the brink of divorce, and I promised that I wouldn’t tell anyone about what was going on. During this time I felt lonely, like I had no way of expressing my self to anyone. So whenever I went to dance class, I would channel what I was feeling into dance. Dance was my therapy at the time. It is still my therapy. Not only can it be therapy to me, but it can help others who watch as well. A dancers job is to show and portray feelings through dance. I’ve watched several dance shows in my life, and when i see dances where the dancers are committed I feel touched and can feel what they feel. This is a great way to make life better for everyone. I believe that everyone should have the access to dance.