Family and Friends

Leona - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on July 25, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

We are a society. We need family and friends because we are in a network of the trillions of cells that make up the universe. We can break away from the network and be lost in the oasis of silence or we can embrace the universe. I believe we need each other and cannot go about this life alone.

I remember once, I had this dream where the world was divided among two separate beings, the flyers and the walkers.

The walkers ran the earth, but the flyers were truly free because they could fly anywhere. I was a flyer.

But the walkers wer jealous and caught all the flyers one by one until we either died of our misery to not fly or just hung like the monkeys in the zoo on the nets.

I remember I found an opening and escaped urging others to fly with me, but others were afraid of the walkers. I flew and flew and flew around the world and all I saw was skeletons and ashes and old decrepit buildings. After months and months of searching both the earth and the heavens, I returned to the flying net. The hole had been mended. I made another hole and felt defeated.

The others asked why I came back and I saId I didn’t like being alone. The others said that many thought I was heroic for leaving. So, I convinced them all that we should leave because the walkers were few and we could go anywhere but had to go together.

This was a dream. I relied on no none but needed to be with others. People do need people for support. Without a support of groups of friends and family, we are doomed to depression.

My parents taught me to be self reliant and independent but to always accept a helping hand if it is offered. Sometimes, you have to offer the helping hand. It’s what makes up the family of humans who we are.