Trust Ali

Ibn - salisbury, North Carolina
Entered on July 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that trust is the key to all. In a sense, trust releases a person’s anxiety and worries about things. When you don’t trust a certain individual and that person happens to come around you, the normal human tends to tense tighten up. Trust is something that shouldn’t be tampered with because it is a very emotional attribute. Once you have lost your loyalty with another person it could possibly ruin the relationship. Everybody can’t be trusted. As far as ground zero relations I think anybody capable. in creating a sense of trust and loyalty. People are easy to say “you can trust me”, and ultimately it’s the most gullible phrase; so innocent at first, but as time passes the loyalty and honesty will either strengthen or break that relationship.

Couples usually see the most issues involving trust factors. Honestly trust I believe trust what make or break the relationship. College is beginning to become a heavy burden on my shoulder because of so many troubles and worriers that have to be dealt with in the progress. The wave of sexy and exotic females from all over and here I am stuck in my two year commitment. Exclusive Ed hardy, polo, Abercrombie, Gucci, everything seems appealing to the virgin eyes of college life but yet how with these abstract feelings do I keep a steady focus on my life, my relationships and commitments.

Not only committed to this one particular female, but football plays a huge role in my life. Being on a scholarship is probably the hardest responsibilities I have ever had the opportunity to overtake. Big dog in my home town of “Alisbury”, Salisbury NC, and I have so many people relying on me, with their trust in my ability to make something of myself. To be able to be put such a small city on the map I am over obliged and due to the loyalty of everybody backing me I believe its only right to go through all these hardships of college, lonely times, hard ass work outs at six every morning, and four years of non stop impact in order to satisfy those who are counting on me. That’s what I call loyalty, I trust myself that I can ultimately fulfill all my athletic an life goals; although without everybody else’s trust on my side I highly doubt that I could have made it through the first week of my new life in Cullowhee.

So distant it seems until I am actually where I want to be I have all the trust in the world in myself, coaches, and loved ones. I will not give up; lay down my guard or shy of nothing. Fearless of success I believe whatever it takes for the hard work to get paid off I am willing to do. Whether it’s proposing to my girl to show her my true love or handing out cash after my NFL draft signing, but whatever it maybe trust me I will prosper.