Hard work

Eric - Canton, Georgia
Entered on July 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

This I believe

I believe that in life you have to work hard for what you want. Usually people who are unsuccessful do not put any effort towards their goals, and what they wish to accomplish. Unfortunately people are afraid of hard work, and that’s one of the reasons why they aren’t successful. What holds most back is the fear of failure, and not reaching their goals. Life is hard enough, dealing with having to pay bills or winning that starting spot on a particular sports team so you can not be afraid to make mistakes when you are trying to get what you want. Making goals for your self is a way to be successful and it forces you to work hard to reach that particular goal. My goal was to get a football scholarship, because I enjoy the game. Ever since I was seven years old I played and played always trying to get better. I would always workout with my dad, just trying my best to get a little bit stronger. When my senior year in high school came around, different colleges started calling my phone and telling me they were interested in having me play for them. By mid January I had some scholarship offers and I decided to go to Western Carolina to play football. I was excited because I had worked pretty much my entire life to achieve this goal, and I had finally reached it. This is when I realized how important hard work was, if I had never done any extra work with my dad I don’t know if I would have reached my goal. Working for what you want is very important because it allows you to make mistakes and also learn from them. Mistakes are sometimes good because it teaches you what you did wrong, and what you have to do better next time to get the results you want. Most of the time people who live in huge houses, and drive nice cars had to work for that. Many people don’t understand what it took for people to afford all of those expensive things. People think that it would just come to them one day, by them doing nothing to achieve it. It’s actually the exact opposite. Successful people make goals and work hard to reach that particular desire. When people reach their goals they feel great when they finally accomplish it. Working hard is a part of life. You are always going to go through hard times when wanting to get what you want, but its how you deal with it that makes people successful in life. Usually lazy people are the ones complaining about what they do not have and it is ridiculous because they did nothing but just sit back and complain. If every body in the world worked hard to get what they wanted, our world would be an extremely successful place. This would eventually cause world peace.