I Believe in a Christian Mission

Joshua - Fletche/NC/28732, North Carolina
Entered on July 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that in my life I have been called to do mission work overseas. I feel that my life will lead me to somewhere in Asia or in Africa. Ever since I have been in touch with God, I have had the feeling to help those who are lost and in dire need. I believe that I am called to go to an African village to help build a well and to help save the children there. I want to save them physically by providing necessities they need and to also show them the way to salvation. I would like to show them that God is amazing and that’s why I’m there to help them. I truly want to spread the holy word of God to all those who don’t know him.

My name is Josh Gossett and I am from North Carolina. It wasn’t until December 17, 2007, when I truly found God for myself. Since that time I have grown up as a person and most importantly in my relationship with God. Over the last months I have studied the word of God and I’ve also begun to help my friends study His word too. Missionary fields are usually considered overseas, for example maybe Africa or Asia. But I believe that America is a giant mission field in itself. I have arrived at this idea after I had listened to a lesson given by my youth pastor. He was talking about people’s callings when it came to God. “What are we going to do to give back to God?” He then proceeded on informing us that mission work overseas is a great way to give back to the kingdom of God, but if you are unable to, or if it better suits you, then do your mission work here in America. Mission work isn’t just going and preaching and trying to spread your beliefs to someone. It is also going out and helping those people who are less fortunate. Going out into the world and showing great works of God through his worker (you).

That day as I was leaving I noticed a sign at the end of the church’s property. It read, “You are now entering the mission field.” As I got to thinking I realized that this was really a main idea in our church and the real main idea of being a Christian. I believe that since God has given me life and sent his son to die for all my transgressions, I am for all time grateful and for all time in his servitude. Of course we’re never going to do enough, but we must do what we can. So enter the mission field, even if it may be in your own household. I believe we all have been called to serve the lord and be missionaries for him. Whether you are doing great works, or just talking to those who are lost, go out and become missionaries for our God.