Hard Work and Dedication Equals Success

Brandon - Cleveland, Georgia
Entered on July 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

I believe that hard work and dedication always leads to success. Many people put hard work and dedication into the same categories. I however think that they are very opposite and if put together can lead to a successful life and family. Hard work and dedication helps you get into the physical and mental shape for you to be able to accept your success. Growing with my family hard work and dedication were the two characteristics that made us who we were. My mom grew up poor, no father and with four sisters. Being put in that situation she was made to work hard. She knew that if she would just stay dedicated and work as hard as she could that her life would change for the best. After years of working her hardest and being dedicated her life was changed. Now my mother lives in a three story home. My step dad treats her with more respect then a queen, and gives her the love and attention that she’s never had. I also grew up having to be pushed to limits and levels that I didn’t think were possible. My father dipped out on me when I was young and working hard and staying dedicated has got me where I am today. I was pushed by my coach’s all throughout my middle school and high school days. Coach Allen, a man who really changed my life, helped me become the successful college football player I am today. He also had the same belief that I do, and knew that if I would just hang in there and not give up that my hard work and dedication would lead me to a successful life. Success can be described in many different ways. Many people look at success as having loads of money, nice cars, and a big house. Don’t get me wrong, these things are nice and do usually take hard work to get. However, I think when you have to push your mind and body to levels that you didn’t think possible. When you have reached that point in your mind that you can’t go anymore, and some how you find the strength to push that one last yard: That’s what you call success.