This i believe

Brady - Boise, Idaho
Entered on July 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

I thoroughly believe that doing something and doing it the best you can with a positive attitude. I believe it will pay off in life, unfortunately sometimes it does not. Many times I have discovered that if I just go to football practice with the attitude of I am hear and treat it as a joke I see myself do poorly. But if I go to practice with a positive attitude and tell myself I am going to have some fun today, I see my self enjoying it and being successful. Hard work really does make a difference.

When I was 14 years old I broke and dislocated my ankle. I went in to sugary the next day and the doctors put a metal plate in my ankle to support everything. I was unable to walk or doing any physical activity for 2 months. After I got my cast off, everyday for 2 months I had to go to rehab and exercise in ways that I thought was impossible, they pushed me to the point that I wanted to tear up and cry some days. Then I would begin to give up, but somehow through all it all I found something that kept me going. I thought to myself you are only getting out of this what you put in. I finally got full range of motion back and after about 5 months of hard work I could finally run again. I never gave up on myself and gave it my all and in the long run it paid off.

Through my years of playing team sports, I have found that there is nothing like the feeling you get on Friday nights when all your hard work from a long week of practice pays off. When you wake up the next morning and you can’t get out of bed because your body hurts so bad. That’s when you know your hard work paid off. The out come shows how strong I am physically and mentally, it shows my potential and also who I am.

Then I think about this it reminds me of the movie The Pursuit of Happiness, which tells a story of a homeless father and son who struggle through life and couldn’t have more impossible situations to go through. This father is so entirely desperate to have a good and solid life for his son. That he goes for the impossible job and, for someone like himself who had no further education than high school, becomes a stock broker and now in real life is living as a millionaire. Most movies I see do not touch me as this one did. Because it is a true story, I felt as though nothing is impossible and I thought I can do anything if I work for it. Whenever I want to just give up on things, I think of the father who challenged himself and set his goals high. He told himself that he could get a stable future for his son. This is why I believe that hard work will pay off in the long run.