I Believe in the power of death.

Kristin - Salt Lake City, Utah
Entered on July 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

I believe in the power of death, not death’s power to take life, but in its power to create ever lasting bonds, in its power to encourage people to help those around them, and in its power to encourage life. I believe the power of death is not limited to the old and wise as many believe, but open to all, even the nine year old girl scared and alone after her sisters death that I was eight years ago. My sister’s death brought my best friend and I closer than imaginable, creating bond that can never be broken. It also brought new relationships and friendships into my life. I became very close to my sister’s closet friends, relationships that to this day mean the world to me and found friends in my grief support program. I believe that death brings people together in a way nothing else can, and that relationships cemented by loss are stronger than all other types. The community that formed around my family the day my sister died never disappeared, but continues to love and support us through birthdays, holidays and anniversary’s even now, eight years later. Death also has the power of making people help people. My sisters death transformed me into a person that strives to be as helpful as possible and inspired others to help me, everyone from my peers, to my family, to total strangers in the hospital worked to help me and my family survive the most trying time of our lives. Because of death people are encouraged to help, to make cards, tend kids, organize food lists and charities, without death these opportunities would be lost. Death has the power of being life affirming, and has created within me the drive to achieve every goal I have and those I have not yet thought of. Death has the ability to make survivors into people who truly live, people who take each day as a gift and embrace the challenges they are faced humbly, without fear. It is because of the gifts I have received from death that make me believe in it’s power, and it is this power, not the one that allows it to end life, that is death’s most powerful possession.