Wake up America: Prevention rather than Reaction

Rob - Perrysburg, Ohio
Entered on July 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe today we are in the best situation this country could ever be in. Amid three daunting wars, energy crises, and global terrorism, we now are at a turning point in our history.

Where Generation X must instill solid values on Generation Y to lead our future.. Not to clean up past mistakes, corporate blunders, or political rhetoric..

But to explain how to prevent rather than react..

Healthcare, Justice reformation, and Energy are just some of the issues that are so incredibly important in the future of our nation, but only untill this year we are putting aside gay rights, invitro fertilization, and paris hilton videos.

We are deciding our future. I believe that now as 22 year-old visionary and perhaps absorbed with a little naivety can set the stage for new programs that prevent educational faux paus that cater to illiterate citizens, or aiding the obese in our nation with inspiration, movements and change in lifestyle.

I believe we are at the crossroads where Americans have the opportunity ” to take the road less travelled”, reach deep in themselves and align their passions with their actions. We can truly do amazing things by digging deeper, thinking harder, and travelling farther than we ever have….

Prevention of the worlds issues will run much deeper than the cuts already incurred. We will heal and reload..