Love At First Sight

Ebony - Wilson, North Carolina
Entered on July 22, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: love, setbacks

Love at First Sight

I saw him for the first time 12 years ago. It was something about him that just made my heart flutter. I was mesmerized by his smile. Then when I went to speak the only thing that I could do was yell at him and tell him to get off of my picnic table. It was like I had been suddenly struck with Cupid’s arrow. What was going on, I had never felt like this before. I had experienced love at first site.

For about two months I would see this young man every weekend at my neighbors. I would rush to get off of work to go home just to see if he would be sitting on my picnic table so that I could fuss at him. This was the only way that I would speak because he made me so nervous. One day my neighbor had a cook out and invited me over to get something to eat and of course there he was. This time he wasn’t on my picnic table he was sitting in a lawn chair staring in my face. What was I going to say? I was really at a loss for words. So at that time I didn’t say anything, I walked right passed him and gave a little smile.

I prepared myself a plate of food, and though it might have been nice to stay, I said my good nights. It had been a long day in the salon and I had some chores to attend to. I thanked my neighbor and told her I had to leave because I had to go home and fold some clothes. Out of nowhere, this deep sexy voice said “Can I come and help?” I almost lost my balance. It was him and naturally I said yes.

This started off a wonderful relationship. I had fallen in love with this man the instant I laid my eyes on him. We began to casually date after that evening. We had many wonderful years and a lot of great times together. Ten years later we were married, only to stay married for two years. The man I fell in love with loved me, but he also had a love for the streets and fast money and loose women. I am still in love with this man today, even through all of the adultery, deception, infidelity, and abuse that he put through. I see him and it is just like the first time I laid my eyes on him. I truly believe in love at first sight, but I have learned to love from a distance.