things i have learned

Farrukh - Kansas, Kansas
Entered on July 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Things I have learned

There are several important things, which you need to know them. It is necessary to know them in our life. I was a young kid. I never worried about anything. My parents worked hard to have enough money for our family living. I was a student in a high school. I never worried about my clothes. They were always clean, and iron. I had my lunch ready at my home. My sister was also student in a high school. My brother worked in a restaurant as a waiter while studying in a university. I did not know when I was little boy what does worry, responsible, and to be in charge means. I never focused on my education because my mother was head of schools in my regional. I did not have to worry about my diploma. My father and mother were high educated. They both had school diplomas and university degrees. My Father was good on mathematic. Whenever I had problems on math, I went directly him. First, he would yell at me than started help me. My father always told me that education is most important thing in our life. It is a key for our future. He also told me that be a best of the best or be nobody. Sometime in 2004 on December, I came to United States of America with my whole family. This is a place where I learned what responsible, worry is, and be in charge. I separated from my parents because of education. In the place where they lived was no money from government, which could cover my tuition. I started living in Kansas City. I am a student at Penn Valley Community College. I have been living alone for while. America taught me how to be responsible, worry about something and to be in charge. In Kansas City, I learned how to cook a food for myself instead of eating not healthy fast food outside. What made me to learn how to cook? First, I was misusing my money. I was not wise and careful on spending my money. In addition, I was eating fast food that made me become overweight. I started realizing and learned how to spend money in correct ways.

In America, no one cares about your education. Only parents do not even teachers because it is something to do with you. Teachers are teaching their subject, taking their time to explain it. If you do not listen and follow them, then you are just wasting your time. If you want to be a special person and want to reach your goals in the future, you need to study and sacrifice your fun time. I also started working and making money for my living. In my country, I never paid any of bills for my house. Since I started living alone in America, I need to pay my bills on time. If I do not pay them on time, it becomes with extra charge. When you start working and making your own money by working hard, than you understand how wise and careful you need to be with your money. Now a day’s I am more careful, responsible and in charge of my life. In a conclusion, it is important to know certain things in our life, which will make us to live better and easy.