Tracey - Kitchener, Canada
Entered on July 21, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50


I was driving home the other day and feeling quite at peace with life. To the right was a gravel pit. I had driven this road for months. How many things had I missed along this route. How long had my mind been dormant?

If I overlooked the gravel pit, what other things had I disregarded. Unfortunate circumstances effected my life. The universe stopped me in my tracks and slammed me into a brick wall. Drastic changes were about to unfold whether I wanted them to or not.

An overwhelming sense of where I was going was about to transform every essence of my being. A new beginning was about to unfold right before my eyes. The silence was deafening. I was able to live with my own thoughts, with my own silence. The voice inside my head was heard for the very first time. Who are you, the silence asked.

Powerful moments in time when the person we have become is not really who we are. Others spoke and I believed them above all else. I contemplated their words and took them as my own. How can you hold a person in such high regard, when they hold you with such contempt? I took on this life as my own and became someone else. I held my life in my hand. Was it large or was it small? Could I see possibilities or only doubts? Did I see love or did I see sorrow?

I hit a brick wall. It came crashing down around me. Nothing was recognizable . I did not identify with the person I had become. I started to pick up the bricks one by one. As I began to piece the wall back together, the bricks kept falling.

I picked up a brick and sensed it. Will you keep this brick or cast it aside?. I realized I didn’t have to put the brick back. I could throw it away or replace it. I made the choice. There were only possibilities with no doubts. I would love and not suffer with sorrow.

There were many paths in front me. There were trees, flowers and I could hear birds singing songs I never heard . As I walked the first path, a man came up to me and asked, where have you been? I’ve been on a path filled with sorrow and pain. The trees had black leaves. The flowers were wilted and I could not hear the birds singing. He asked, “how did you make it to this path?” I replied with joy, “I noticed the gravel pit”.

As I pulled his business card from my wallet, I looked up and there he was. I had viewed his card many times. I opened my mind and my heart to the concept of divine timing. The wall came crashing down.

All the years of walking a path of sorrow and pain had come to this moment. As He gazed in my eyes I could see the flowers and heard the birds singing. I was overwhelmed with love. The path became clear. A tear fell from my eye. The gravel pit was there all along.