I believe in being an active family member.

Sarah - Greenville, North Carolina
Entered on July 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in being an active member of your family. I know that there are many different definitions for what a family is, but whatever yours, is I believe that it is important to be an active participant. I believe that families whose members stay involved in the family are the happiest and have much stronger bonds than those whose family members don’t.

As a child living part of my life in a single parent household, I learned quickly the importance of being an active family member. My mom didn’t have much when I was a baby but what she did have was the love and support from family and friends. We always did things together as a family and we really became a network or a system of active family members.

For me, family is everything. I have always been very close to my biological, step, and extended families. Growing up, my biological and step families were very involved in all aspects of my life. I was a young dancer, and they all came to every performance and taught me to stick with what you love. They also showed me importance of staying together. When I came to college for the first time ever, my biological and step family members were over 2 hours away from me and I was scared to death. Through their support, love and communication over the phone, they helped me get through the first tough months. After a while I started to form meaningful bonds with people at school.

Today, those people here at ECU that I started forming those bonds with are my family away from home. I consider them just as much family as I do my biological and step families. We are all very active in each other’s lives and we know that through good, bad, indifferent times we will always be there for each other. I think that this is important especially at this stage in my life where finding out who I am as an individual and what I want out of life. Without my friends, I don’t know if this transition in my life would me bearable.

I am motivated, confident, and reassured knowing that I have stayed active in my family life and I have no fears of what is to come in my life. If I was not connected to my family in my I do not feel that I would be as close as I am with them. I also feel that because being raised as an active family member I am able to maintain strong and stable relationships with other people in my life. My families have been there for me through any obstacle I have faced in my life, and I am just happy to know that I have the capabilities to give the same back to them.