Big Government-A Necessary Non-Evil

Harry - Springfield, Kentucky
Entered on July 20, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

I always seem to hear “Get the government off our backs”, usually in connection with higher taxes.

Big government, fortunately or unfortunately, is a necessity in modern society. Example after example can be given, but one is the recent “food scare”, in reference to salmonella. If the government does not track the source of this food-borne illness down, who will?

As a sociologist, I have studied how the fundamental nature of society has changed. Previously, everyone knew everyone else(stated in the extreme) and people were in a better position to care about each other’s problems. Nowadays, that is becoming harder and harder, especially with the number of people and the fact that people move around so much, the presence of families not withstanding.

So, if a strong government is not there to help people deal with their problems, in an ever complex society, who will be?

Government is neither good nor bad; it is what people make it, especially in a democracy such as ours. People might say “What difference can I, as an individual, make”? Granted, we cannot all be like him, but what if Martin Luther King took that position? He did not occupy political office, but he certainly symbolized what difference an individual can make, in affecting government. Chances are, we would not have the Civil Rights Act of 1964 today, which greatly affected the hiring practices of employers, were it not for the influence of Martin Luther King. On a much smaller scale, it was a private citizen who influenced his congressperson to initiate steps to build the World War II Memorial, which has meant so much to so many, in its brief existence.

So, big government(however one defines that) is necessary, and people can affect how it works, whether they are inside or outside the government.