Charity Begins at Home

Jean - Newark, Delaware
Entered on July 20, 2008
Age Group: 65+

I believe ‘charity begins at home.’ My church tells me that it is my responsibility to Tithe. But, when I look at Christ’s example, I realize that tithing can’t be all that is required.

We have been instructed to love one another. For me, just writing a check to the church or some charitable organization can’t be the fulfillment of giving. My faith teaches me to show love and care to the downtrodden, the

outcasts, the sick; to show forgiveness to sinners and my enemies, and above all not to flaunt my good deeds.

I am only one person and I cannot do newsworthy things, but I can be there when I find someone who needs me. I have taken in sick friends and helped them return to reasonable health. I’ve sat beside the bed of the dying to give support to their loved ones. I’ve privately tried to assist those in need, whether through monetary contributions, emotional support, a meal, or helping them find a better way.

Too often we send money to support a child half way around the world, while the youngster

next door needs a kind word, a good example or a mentor–I’ve tried to do that, too.

Too often we see terrible decisions by our government leaders, but we don’t challenge their bad decisions. I do. Too often we see the poor, the sick and the powerless overlooked, but since we are not they, we do nothing.

How much better this world would be if each of us took the time to show love and caring to a fellow human who needs that one-on-one contact. Real charity begins at home, in our families, in our personal contacts, in our neighborhood and in each life.