oppertunity to change

chad - provo, Utah
Entered on July 18, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, setbacks

This I Believe

We have all made mistakes, but have you ever made a mistake that will always be on your mind? I have and I want to write to say mistakes are opportunies to see our past and change our future. I have made so many mistakes and have been judged for what I did, I’ll tell you that’s what hurts the most. I always keep in mind that my mistakes or others do not equal who we are, it equals a chance to change and not do it again.

When I was seventeen, just a few days after Thanksgiving Day, I ended up in an argument with my mom about were I was going to move my room to either stay down stairs or move into a smaller room upstairs.

My mom’s boyfriend ended up over hearing the conversation, and jumped into the middle of it. I ended up getting over heated and angry. The conversation started getting really heavy and worse. So I left the house. I jumped into my truck and sped out of the drive way. I ended up getting emotional because I felt my mom was choosing her boyfriend over me. I stopped a few blocks away from the house and ended up turning around. I pulled into the drive a few inches from hitting my mom’s car.

I walked into the house and started yelling at him. Few minutes later he commented back to my mom saying to her “it’s him or me.” I heard those words and completely lost control.

It has been six months now and I have made the worst mistake of my life. I have lost my mom because I got into a fight with her boyfriend over words that meant nothing, because I knew my mom loved me now matter what guy she is with or what words he has said. I should have been the bigger man and just kept driving.

Any mistake you have made-remember the mistake is not who you are. It’s how you fix it and who you will become. So always be the bigger person and think there is always a chance to be different than a family member or a close friend. Take the opportunity and take that chance to see the past and change your future.