Balance Our Powers

Courtney - Oakland, California
Entered on July 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Balance Our Powers

Who is going to win the election? Since everyone wants their candidate to be victorious, why don’t we perform a great compromise. When have our three branches of government been balanced enough to say we really have a system of checks and balances?

Maybe this is our chance.

I would suggest putting Hilary Clinton as the first woman to head the executive branch. She has already lived in the white house and been in the ovum, I mean the “oval” office. We know her heart, mind and soul will be in the right place since she previously attempted a campaign for universal health care in the 1990’s. That was before the country was ready to listen to her.

Barack Obama can head the judicial branch. With African Americans comprising the majority of the male and female prison populations, the court and criminal justice system truly need a Black man’s vision. New statistics show that at any point in time 1 out of every 100 people in the U.S. are imprisoned. Since Barack is half Black and half White he can racially relate to a good percentage of the mostly low income communities who are behind bars.

And that leaves _ _ _ _ McCain as the head of the legislative branch.

(Every once in a while I forget his first name since I always here Hilary, Barack and McCain.) We can let McCain remain as a leader in Congress and we can just call it seniority.

No matter who wins, they will all be re-elected.