The Oneness and Our Awesome Power!

Richard - Riverside, California
Entered on July 17, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in the Oneness of all creation and our awesome power!

Briefly stated, I believe that there is only one being, the Oneness! The Oneness contains all of creation and therefore all of the physical universe, all that has ever existed and all that will ever exist in the future. We human manifestations of the Oneness have awesome power! Because of our increasing ability and desire to create, we have advanced to the point that we can now either enhance or destroy all life on planet Earth!

If we really want to compassionately enhance life on Earth, let’s use every written and verbal communication opportunity that we have to listen empathically and to speak and act more compassionately with ourselves and all others, striving to know what emotions we and others are experiencing right now because of what we are thinking about what we and others have said and done and whether our compassionate desires have been fulfilled. Yes! We can create more compassionate connections with all the other humans with whom we come in contact every day (including all children, our brothers and sisters, our parents, our other relatives, our friends, our work acquaintances, those working in sales and all those in our service organizations, including police officers, bureaucrats and other officials in our governments at the city, state, federal and also other countries governments) and with all the other physical manifestations of creation: All the non-human animals, all the plants and trees, the air, water, soil, rocks, etc., everything that exists!

I believe that in all compassionate religions you will find statements like the following. In the Christian Bible there is a statement attributed to Jesus Christ wherein he asks us to, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In Buddhism they say, “One combines wisdom and compassion to reach enlightenment.”

I also hope that you are striving to always say and do things only because you simultaneously compassionately care about others and yourself and because you have experienced the tremendous, wonderful, natural joy that we can only experience when we are striving to empathically listen and compassionately speak and act to enhance our own lives; and the even greater joy that we experience when we are striving to empathically listen and compassionately speak and act to enhance the lives of others!

Remember with our evolved, awesome, physical and verbal power we now have the ability to destroy almost all life on Earth, including all humans, or, we can bring into reality a world

How are your words and actions affecting life on Earth? Will your violent words and actions help cause the total annihilation of all human life on planet Earth? Or, will your striving everyday to empathically listen to others (and yourself) and also your striving to always communicate and act compassionately with all other humans, and all the other physical manifestations of the Oneness, help bring into reality a world where we are all experiencing peace, justice, empathy and compassion?