Boys Still Open Doors

Jasmine - Fort Worth, Texas
Entered on July 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, respect

Chivalry is not dead. It is something that I my brother learned at a young age that he demonstrates each day. I am not referring to the characteristics of a medieval knight, but to what I have seen my brother demonstrate each day. Respect towards women is something that he brother has mastered. Raised in a rather strict household, my brother and I have always been held to a high standard by our parents. I’ve learned that the bottom line of their teachings is respect. Being the oldest child and only son, I have observed that my brother is held to an even higher standard than me. From a very young age, he was taught to open doors for women and his elders. At the time it seemed like simple gestures but those acts made him the respectable young adult he is today.

There are times when I take for granted how blessed I am to have such an amazing person in my life. Sure, there have been times when we fought and I wanted nothing to do with him, but I am constantly reassured of how grateful I should to call him my brother. I honestly did not realize how respectful and considerate he was of others until I experienced college. I have grown up virtually my entire life with him by my side and got used to his ways. It wasn’t until I heard others comment on what a good job my parents did raising him that I realized how much he stands out from the way many guys act. My group of girlfriends, whether they are my best friends or what I consider acquaintances always comments on the little things he does for me. I always have someone asking me if my brother will date her.

I see the way he has treated his girlfriends, and in addition to the constant respect he has for them, he is always doing nice things for them. He doesn’t buy them cute gifts out of the blue, or bring them lunch during a study break because he wants something in return. I am amazed at how much attention girls pay to his manners and respect. It is those small acts that I see my brother do that make me believe that there are still men out there with chivalrous tendencies. If I ever need anything, I know I can count on him. I know that when he calls me to see if he can bring me dinner, or opens the door, he isn’t doing it because he feels obligated. I believe he does it because respect for women is something that is instilled in his soul. He is the reason that I believe chivalry is not dead.

I hold every guy to the highest of standards, because one of the most important men in my life demonstrates acts of chivalry each day. I know that chivalry is not dead, and that it will never die. I believe through example it will live on through my family for the many generations to follow. This I believe.