Freedom from rigid beliefs

Paul - Levittown, Pennsylvania
Entered on July 14, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: question

I have seen the world change a lot over the 50 years I’ve had to observe and think about it. I’ve come to see two basic types of people – those who believe things that for the most part they’ve been told or indoctrinated to believe, and those who don’t. I’m inspired by the technicians who have put people on the moon and computers in the palms of our hands. They look forward to something that is not there yet, and bring it into existence. I’m inspired by jazz musicians who listen to each other and put the sound of the human soul into the silent universe. I think that creativity requires freedom from fixed, static belief systems, and so, knowing full well that such a philosophy is itself a belief system, I nevertheless want to walk into the unknown future in whatever ways I can. I believe whatever stands up to scientific examination, and will continue to need proof before believing anything.