My Guardian Angel

Aleksandra - Los Angeles, California
Entered on July 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Have you ever wondered if you have a guardian angel? I think I have one and I think it’s my grandmother.

Last year, November 13, 2007, was the day I should have died. After a fun night at my friend’s twenty-second birthday, my boyfriend and I got into his car and started driving home. It was around two in the morning and there were barely any cars on the highway. As we drove we talked about the trip we were planning to take up to the mountains where we met. I remember how happy and calm I felt at that very moment. It seemed like my whole life was right where it needed to be and I was very excited about it. I knew that nothing could ruin what I had at that time.

As we got closer to the end of the highway, I saw another car approaching us ahead. As the car got closer and closer to us, I realized it wasn’t on the opposite side. It was on our side driving right into us. I grabbed the door handle, screamed something to my boyfriend and then all of a sudden we crashed. I felt the car flip a couple of times and land on its top. After about a minute, I came to my senses and realized what had happened. We rolled off the highway and were stopped by a tree, upside down. I tried saying something to my boyfriend, but I never got a response. As I got out of the car I crawled over to the other side and tried to pull him out of the driver’s seat.

Shattered glass and blood was everywhere. I screamed his name from the top of my lungs, but there was still no response.

A couple of seconds later I heard the sirens. Cops, ambulance, fire trucks, everyone arrived, but I was still screaming his name while trying to pull him out. A fireman ran up to me and pulled me away from the car while others were working on getting my boyfriend out of it. He was not as fortunate as I was. He died right there and then.

That incident took a lot of power, health, emotions and support to let go of. To this day I still remember every second of that night and I’m still not over it. Many nights I wonder why is it that I came out without a scratch while my boyfriend’s life was taken away? Why did God choose to spare my life instead of his? And most importantly, what did I do to deserve to still be alive? I don’t know any of the answers to those questions, but I know one thing and that is that I have a guardian angel. My angel protected me that night and didn’t let me die. That angel is my grandmother, as I like to think. She would do everything to make me happy when she was alive and we were closer than anyone I have known.

I really think it’s incidents like that which make you wonder if you have a guardian angel and I truly believe that everyone has got one. I will never forget November 13, 2007, the day I would have died if my guardian angel did not save me. So I believe that there is more out there beyond the people we see every day. There is a spirit that protects each and every one of us. This I believe.