This I Believe

Teresa - Evansville, Indiana
Entered on July 14, 2008
Age Group: 65+

“This I Believe”

You hear a lot about super-beings these days. Remember super-delegates?

The other day, I noticed a small kid walking up and down the street outside my apartment complex. He went around with a giant stuffed toy over his head, around his neck, sky high, across his back, from one hand to another, chanting, “Fly, fly, fly away Spider-Man!”

Said I “Hi, Joe”. Said he excitedly, “I have another! Wait,wait!”

Running home, he came out with a smaller version of “Spider-Man.” I ached for him, right through our discussion of all his toys, thru other stuff his vivid imagination dreamed up, right through his repeated pleas, “Come back, I need you!” I really had to go.

WHY CAN’T WE GET SUPER-MENTORS IN ACTION? It was only the zillionth time I had asked myself the same question. Again, I had to realize nobody but I seemed to know the real importance of SUPER-MENTORS. Lord, I tried. Alas, even NPR chose not to have me speak. Maybe I used the wrong words? Here goes again:

I do believe, deep in my heart, that SUPER-MENTORS could be of enormous help. The human spirit needs to be nourished – individual to individual – more than any other human need is met.

Suppose, if you will, that this SUPER- MENTOR adopts one child only. Part time. Say the SUPER-MENTOR commits to meet this child, once a week, from second grade to the end of high school, perhaps longer. On their afternoon, together, the SUPER-MENTOR discusses only feelings. Never talks about reading, writing, arithmetic, or any subject covered in school. Just feelings. Everyday feelings. Day to day for that whole week, covering the kid’s reaction to the week’s activities.

Know that I speak from personal experience, the youngest of seven children born to immigrant parents who knew NOTHING about raising kids. My poor mother, orphaned at age 2. What could she, adopted by abusive people, possibly have to pass on to children born in America? NOTHING.

Boy, I could fill a book with using food, followed by depression, followed by diets — followed by a temporary return to quasi-living. Well, until the next rejection or setback, when the whole cycle repeats

itself. Never a real explanation of America’s obesity, which begins with

a child’s inability to express its true feelings AS THEY OCCUR in the growing years.

I sure hope NPR chooses to air this.

Can you imagine one individual guiding one child towards realization of a glorious life? I can. You CAN change one resilient young mind to healthy self awareness.

Lucky the recipient of a SUPER-MENTOR!