The Power of the Arrow

Art - Norman, Oklahoma
Entered on July 13, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: sports

The Power of the Arrow

I believe in the pure, unforgiving power of the arrow. SsssssThwack is the sweet sound an arrow makes when it leaves a finely tuned bow, gives it’s will over to physics, and finds its destiny. I am the god of this world. I control its destiny. I am the omnipotent master of the demands placed on the flight of the arrow. I can command it to kill, or pursue the elusive “X”. I decide when the journey to perfection will begin and end.

I have allowed the flight of the arrow to have power over me. It can fill my heart or break it, and it can ease my mind or drive me insane. It is a refuge I seek when the storms of life rage, and it is a tangled web of challenges I am compelled to unravel. The power of the arrow in my life does not reside in the successful passage to its own destiny, but in the journeys and revelations it gives me as I try to lord over it.

I tend to avoid taking that inward journey of reflection and accountability. The arrow demands that I take that one way passage, and I am a better person because the truth of the arrow points out my weaknesses and strengths. Flaws in preparation, concentration, emotional control, self awareness, and ethics are revealed with each shot. Each time I draw back the bow, I embark on an inward expedition designed to reveal more truth, and improve those areas discovered to be deficient the last time I bumped and bruised myself against the walls of ego and perfection.

I take my own fantastic voyage into the bones, ligaments and muscles of my body to ascertain whether a shot hits its mark or maims. My heartbeat pulses through the arrow at full draw as it awaits its launch and the pending transformation of energies as the violent machine is controlled then loosed. My mind revels in a world filled with permutations of forces, torques, and aerodynamics. There is a perfect synergy between arrow, bow, and archer out there somewhere, and the arrow relentlessly reveals my proximity to that nebulous target.

When the arrow is called upon to fulfill its original destiny- killing – it reveals its ultimate power in my life by taking me closer to my God. The arrow is my companion as I share a tree with a falcon, and together we see, feel, and hear nature come alive at daybreak. The arrow is my ticket to witness God’s creatures go about their life unaware of my intrusion into their world, and if discovered, often reaching an unspoken truce with them if I follow their rules. The bow is the only thing that seems out of place as I sit camouflaged, hugged by the roots of a 100 year old oak tree, and in tandem with God, resolve all the problems in my small world, and find my place in His.