Ashley - Vista, California
Entered on July 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in absolute patience. As people may say, “patience is the key to a happy life”, but really think about it. How many of us wake up each morning without a cup of coffee, before having a nervous breakdown? How many of us can corporate the rest of our day patiently, when Tom sent numerous Inbox messages, saying there’s a sudden unexpected error in receiving messages? However, in any situation good or bad, I just want people to understand why patience can solve a lot of problems and why it’s important to individuals regular routine.

Moreover, working as a host and take-out server I’ve become quite used to the angered, time-consuming, and impatient customers that come into my rather-hectic work environment. As if waiting in line, receiving a mistaken food order, or even delay of a check payment, causes a disturbance to one’s day. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered many individuals whom live life thinking, everything comes at a instance and the world eagerly is centered around their day. I can recall a time when a elder women wanted to be sat quickly instead of waiting probably fifteen minutes, like the rest of the customers to sit at a booth. However, this extremely conniving women purposely tried to persuade me into taking a $20 bill, she flaunted in her hand, on the sly. Therefore your probably thinking I was provoked by this childish act, but I easily told the women- “no thank you” and told her it wouldn’t be that long. However in many incidences, why were clocks invented- to just scrabble up the order of events and confuse people just for the heck of it? I believe clocks indeed portray how people really need patience in their lifestyle, most importantly.

Therefore, I believe, just to relax and realize that being impatient truly carries harsh consequences like- stress, anger, irritation, and above all annoyance. I believe there are enough worries in life to, ultimately focus on one mistake throughout the day. I believe patience should become a habit like- “please and thank you”, which would truly alter your mood among people in this society, as well. So try portraying this small deed every once in a while and perhaps it may become a ritual for yourself and help start everyone’s day out like that cup of coffee you didn’t anxiously receive this morning.