This I Believe

Diane - Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
Entered on July 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the hungry hungry caterpillar. No green dare escape him. He crunches left, he crunches right, pears ahead and gobbles the platform before him. There is chlorophyll above him, beneath him, endless chlorophyll surrounds him. His twelve eager eyes ferociously scan the foliage. All must be engulfed, but where to begin? Which leaf to choose first? “There are too many, too many,” he thinks. “No.” he says, “This is my jungle; I’ll reach the top if I want. Nobody can stop me.” His six determined feet march across the terrain as he strip mines the resources. His body grows and grows, fatter and longer, soon he will outgrow his green speckled suit. With each bite his appetite only grows, new leaves are acquired. In mid chew, he halts, and raises his antenna over his eyes. A light hits him, blinds him, the shaded leaves are gone. A colorful winged creature flutters by, he wistfully admires its flight. “How,” he thinks, “but how can I become a thing so graceful, so vibrant and so free?” As he swings on a stem he ponders this thought and wraps himself in a big green blanket as he peers into the sun. Lost in thought, he drifts to sleep under the warmth of the sun’s rays. To the sound of a bird he awakens, lifts his antennas and upon seeing a leafless plant, he panics, “How I will get to the ground?” He begins to remove his blanket but he sees no lime green, he looks down and his brown belly has darkened. “Yikes, gangrene!” he screams. “The robin must have got me!” He looks left and right, and behind him and realizes that he is now wearing a vibrant cape of iridescent violet blue trimmed with black. “What happened to me? Who am I? I have so many colors, I shine!” He is captivated by his own cloak, excited he flaps the left side of his cape, then the right, left, right, left, right, together he moves both sides, faster and faster as a gust of wind removes him from his branch he frantically flaps his cape as he peers down to the approaching ground. He flutters a little more and goes now in the opposite direction, “my blanket has turned into a magic carpet he utters, it lets me fly, I…I…I am flying! These are, these are…I have wings!” He flies to the top, looks left, looks right and looks below and no longer sees green leaves, but sees far off places.

I believe in veracious learning, embracing an unyielding curiosity and intrigue leads to transformations that unlock the vibrancy to life.