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Bekele - kansascity, Missouri
Entered on July 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

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Types of Sentences

There are many different ways to learn the structure of sentence in English. It helps to build the vocabulary words and makes the correct sentences. There are four main types of sentences, and we use the formula of the rules. Those are simple sentence, compound sentences, complex sentence, and compound-complex sentence.

Simple sentence is the basic type of sentence to express a complete and independent idea. It consists of a subject and a verb. For example I was never late from my job. I is subject and was a verb. When the proposition phrase become at the first of sentence, we use sometimes a comma. It comprises one independent clause, and we can write the formula like ( sv, svv, ssv and ssvv). In this formula, I can explain one sentence. Abebe and bekele didn’t do the homework yesterday. This sentence to show the formula is two subjects and one verb (ssv).

Compound sentence is the second type of sentence that can express equally important sentence. We have two independent clauses, and they are separated by coordinating conjunctions with a comma before the conjunction. Also it consists of subject with verb. For example I have never swum in the ocean, but I would like to try to do. In this sentence, we have two subjects and two verbs. Those are expressing in order to explain I is subject and have is verb, and I mean subject, would means verb and it can write as a formula SVSV. It is very equally interesting sentences.

Complex sentence is a type of sentence, which comprises of a dependent clause and an independent clause. The dependent clause has a subordinating conjunction. This dependent clause is not complete sentence by itself, or is not giving full information. For Example because I was tired, this sentence is not finished. If we start our sentences with independent clause, we don’t need a comma, but if we start with the dependent clause we have to use a comma. In the complex sentence, the independent clause has a meaningful information and completed sentence. On the other hand, we can write the formula SVSV. For Example after the game finished, I decided to go to the plaza.

Compound-complex sentence is the fourth steps of sentences, and it is a combination of sentences which the action done at the same time. It’s comprises three clauses, and we use two conjunction between the three independent clauses. In order to write the clauses by different ways. At the first, two independent clauses, and we use coordinating conjunction and the third one we use subordinating conjunction. The formula may write SV,cSVsSV. This means three subjects with three verbs include the inter-sentences in to different conjunction. Example I didn’t do my homework, and I didn’t write my essay when my teacher asked me to.

To sum up, it is many different ways to learn the structure of sentence how to write and read the sentences. And the formula can write by different steps, it giving more experience for student how to write the paragraphs and to read the information. It contains of many principal and idea.