This I Believe

Carolyn - Winchester
Entered on July 10, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: citizenship

This I Believe

When it comes time to vote I have found that I most often vote against, not for political candidates. I consider who will do the least amount of damage as leaders of the free world. I am an independent. I realize, that, to some, this conjures up an image of waffling indecision and a political mind set based on intuitive response rather than thoughtful consideration. I am that unknown element in American politics, plaguing the politicians & the pundits. As much fun as that may be, my status is not blue or red, not liberal or conservative, not based on gender, age, or socioeconomic status. I tend to look at issues individually, and the positions I take can be frustrating to those with a party line mentality.

I am an independent, out of place until it’s vote time. I want those in power to find the courage to lead by constitutional principles rather than party politics. I want them to listen more than they talk, to inspire hope, not engender fear, and to never forget the daily dedication of people who go to work, do their jobs, and have the unalienable right to expect the same from our leaders.

I am an independent, a grandchild of immigrants, a hybrid child of the American dream, and I trust that first love feeling of freedom. I trust a system that has too often been twisted to serve greed, pride, or prejudice, and yet survived the worst we had to offer. A system that allows enough people to speak out long enough to make amends. Are we, or have we ever been a country of equal chances? No. But we have always been a country of fighting chances. We have always been a country of second chances. We have the choice to fear the difference or celebrate the diversity, to shout from the platform, or step down to find common ground. The genius is, of course, that we have the choice at all.

I listen. I look. I read. I think. I am. An independent.