My possible Atheism.

Matt - KEnmore, New York
Entered on July 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: atheism, question

I have a form of Agnosticism, in ways I believe that existence of gods and spirits is a possible thing, in my mind you cannot prove or disprove existence of either of these things. I have heard both sides: the scientists and their evolution theories, and the religious and their creation stories.

I do not disregard that a man named Jesus, a man named Buddha and a man named Confucius once was alive, and had an impact on lives. There’s been proof a man named Jesus who in fact pissed off the Romans, and there’s proof of his resting place. However, I do not believe in so called “Miracles” and will never get on my knees and pray to a god, no matter who the god would be.

I don’t know really where my belief in gods but my missing worship appeared when my brother became involved in drugs and drinking. I lost something many people call “faith” but I did not close my mind, my mind opened so I could see that even slightly, it’s possible to have Gods of all religions exist.

I find claiming a god exists as easy as saying I have five cats, you can’t prove it until you actually see it in person. Again, I don’t claim that there are no gods, but I do not claim that there are gods for the simple fact, both sides lack the actual proof. This believe has actually helped me go on with life and face different religions from their point of view, from other religious points of view or even from an Atheist’s point of view, in hopes I can maybe open somebody else’s mind the way my mind has opened.

If Atheism is disbelief in all gods and spirits of religion, or even disbelieve in a higher being: I don’t want to be in that foolish group, but I cannot be religious, I cannot relate fully to either group, so I question which I am, but this I am sure: My mind is open, I believe in Gods, but I will never worship gods.