This I Believe

Emma - Orrington, Maine
Entered on July 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Having surgery taught me something: That the only way to recover is to suffer a little first. Sounds a bit crazy, right? If you think about it for a second though, it makes perfect sense. Pain and suffering are the first steps of any major ordeal. Whether you break up with your significant other or lose someone close to you, it’s all the same. In the beginning you suffer as a way to mentally sort things out. Pain let’s you know something’s not quite right and even if it hurts along the way the end is so much more satisfying. After my surgery, I was in so much pain I thought it would never get better. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do the things I love ever again. My knee swelled up, the incisions ached and I couldn’t move for days. Then, finally, I woke up one morning and it started to feel better. The swelling went down and I was so unbelievably happy I just started crying. When I went to see the doctor two weeks after the fact, he was amazed at how well I was doing. He gave me some at home exercises to do and told me in a few months I should be up and going again.

It may have been the worst thing I had to go through, but the road to recovery made me that much stronger and gave me something to believe in. Sure I still have a long way to go before things are the same, but the experience taught me so much. Pain is like staring a demon in the eye. Like standing face-to-face with, hand in hand, with your worst enemy and knowing, in the end, you could lose the battle. I believe in that pain as a way to help us understand and deal with our lives. Pain, like all things important, isn’t always easy and the more of it you endure the easier things are later on. If you can withstand pain, withstand tragedy, you can withstand anything; this I believe.