How boxing influence my life

Cesar - Santa Maria, California
Entered on July 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that boxing has influenced my life. Boxing has taught me that if I want something in life I have to work hard to accomplish it. I started boxing on July of last year. Before I started boxing, I was not doing very well in school. I was behind on my credits to graduate high school, and I had never had to work for anything.

The first day of practice changed my mind completely about the way I thought of boxing. I always thought boxing did not take much effort. Every time I saw boxing on T.V, I remember thinking if I was a boxer I would knock everyone out just by one punch, that I would never get tired, and every punch that my opponents would throw me I would dodge.

I soon figured out that it was much harder than that. I did not figure this out just by hitting the bags in the gym or just throwing some punches into that air. I figured it out the first time I sparred with my teammates, who were much more experienced than I was. I remember the first times I got hit in the face. I felt my face getting very hot at the spot where I got hit, and felt my face getting red after I got hit. I also remember every time I knew I was going to get hit; I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. But the worst came when I got punched in the nose, and I would start bleeding. The blood would just pore from my nose. I remember tasting the blood. It tasted like if you put a couple of pennies in your mouth and kind of salty at the same time. I also remember that I would always wear a white shirt and at the end of training, and the front of the shirt would be mostly covered with blood.

Getting beaten up everyday almost made me give up, but I didn’t. I did whatever it took to be the best of my group. I had to do this all by myself because it’s boxing, and boxing is only you against your opponent. I work hard and put 103 percent into my training to accomplish my goal. I ran everyday. I came early to practice and was one of the last ones to leave. Time past and I started to notice that I was achieving my goal of becoming the best of my group. I also noticed another thing that my grades from school started getting better. From then on I always have in my mind that if I work hard I can accomplish anything.