This I Believe…I Believe in Love

Doris Dix - Burlington, North Carolina
Entered on July 6, 2008
Age Group: 65+
Themes: family, love

This I Believe…I Believe in Love

What can we say about our life at eighty years of age upon looking backward?

First, I believe that it has been a fantastic and fulfilled existence because of love.

My true belief that the heart is the center of all our being, and not the brain, as most would have us consider, is the basis for this certainty. Our emotion, strength and enlightenment, in fact, our entire survival, is controlled by the love we feel each dawn in the chambers of our own heart.

Love, the shining, astounding declaration that comes to us all at some point in our existence is the essence of all life. While some may not recognize it and the control it embraces, if one is open to its’ power, its’ energy to make our life content, meaningful and what we express as “happy”, then we who experience its’ command will live these many years in unqualified tranquility.

If my darling was still here with me we would be celebrating sixty-three years of married life or sixty-six years together since that first wonderful day when our eyes met in the hallway of our high school in Chicago and nothing in my life would ever be as it was before. He entered the Army Air Corps in the fall of 1943 at the age of eighteen, was sent to officer’s training but transferred to gunnery school because of the terrible losses that the B17’s were suffering in Europe, then he was flown to England with the 8th Air Corps, only to be moved by freighter to Foggia, Italy after a few weeks when gunners were needed desperately there with the 15th . Adolph flew as photographer/left waist gunner on a B17 for 36 missions over Italy and Germany. When the war came to an end in May of 1945, he became non operational and wrote that he would soon come back to me. We each wrote one letter per day for all the time he was in service. He returned from Italy by way of Africa and South America on the 4th of July in 1945 and was then but 19 years old. I was just 17 and newly graduated. I married him on July 14, only ten days later in the largest church wedding held since the war ended. Ours was a fairytale existence until cancer took him from me in March of 2000.

I am not discounting the trials and the heartaches of life. These are only a portion of the way the will of the heart is able to defy all the hate, ache and the sordid parts of this world where we are tempted so wholly. The tenderness of love, true love, is so all-powerful that it can propel one from its’ first entry, on through eighty years of delight and gratitude for the gift that has been so freely given.

Yet, I caution that a person must be on watch for the signal of this magical love. It sometimes comes to us in disguise. We must be open and free to recognize its’ command and not resist such dominant force. Perhaps, only once in a lifetime will come this glorious occurrence and when it does, let nothing on earth hold you from it’s miraculous energy.

By keeping your heart open to the beauty of gaining a lifetime of pure joy, you can reach it only through… love. This I truly believe.