Hard Working

Amanda - Santa Maria, California
Entered on July 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Hard Working

There was nothing ever wrong with using some elbow grease when it came down to fixing a car or doing some chores in the house. So why should it be any different in using some in real-life? I always believed that what made me is what the hard work I put into my everyday life, in my case school.

For me I never liked to work hard at anything; I was the type to see something and thought if it looked decent enough it was good enough. But when it came down to school, that’s when I really had seen it as something I didn’t really care for.

Being a scared fourteen year-old girl with a lot of rage towards her mom, because she took me to a private school where I was stuck with kids from kindergarten to tenth and there was only 71 students in the whole school, was not really my plan to start high school at. The two years that I was stuck there, I found that when people heard that I was going to a private school they expected more from me. From my point of view, I saw it as someplace that trouble makers went to .

Through that stage every parent dreads, of seeing their kid being this sweet innocent child to being the biggest pain was not the easiest thing on my mom, especially when she was going through problems of her own. I realized that I needed to put my seven and half foot down and start to grow up, and that is exactly what I did. I started to put more of an interest into my school, even though I couldn’t stand being in that displeasing, old, rusted, grey, and small campus. By doing so I saw an increase in my grades and a better outlook on my perspective.

Going into my junior year I had to switch to another high school. I thought the exchange would be a lot better: more people and more diversity. Going from a private school back to a public school was harder than trying to squeeze juice from an olive. I was so use to everything from private school, that going to public seem tougher on me, but thankfully I made it through.

Coming up to my senior year I had to switch schools again because the school I was going to was too far away for us. Everyone always says that your senior year in high school is the easiest. That was the biggest lie I ever heard. I had to take certain classes to graduate and the teachers weren’t really your happy go lucky type.

Thankfully, I made it out of there alive, but looking at the big picture we’re all working hard at what we want to accomplish, putting a little bit of elbow grease into everything we do.