Frans - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Entered on July 1, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

With so many beliefs that are going around it is extremely difficult to figure out who’s got the best one. It is so hard… wars have been fought and families have been split up over it…seems like waste of time…. So… to respond to “This I Believe” I would like to say the following:


god is nothing

it is so much nothing

that we cannot even comprehend the nothingness of it all

for without nothing

there cannot be anything,

and for nothing to become something

is really something.

now if that something

can look at itself and not see


but nothing,

that is a real awakening

and it needs that to realize

it could make

something out of nothing.

that is pretty godly and the

whole reason for the existence of nothing.

so be creative and believe in nothing

for if you believe even the tiniest bit in something

the nothing that you are

will see itself as


So “belief” seems to me to be the culprit in this world of ours…. even worse than belief is the “I” that stands in front of it. “I” is who created the belief in the first place. There is no “I” in this universe we find ourselves in. We are all part of the same thing. Timeless. Spaceless. Call it God if you want but “oh, my god” has been abused until it is void of meaning. To me it seems that there is no “God”, simply an “It” in which we are all a part.