Doing what is right

Michael T - Greenbelt, Maryland
Entered on June 30, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in doing what is right. Simple statement, yes, but there is so much that questions any even slightly complex problem.

When the minor child shows up at your door drunk, or under the influence of something else, do you immediately ignore the questionable claims of an abusive relationship and call parents so that they can come and get them, or do you let them in to sleep it off, making every attempt to inform parents that their child is in safe hands, and that you will do your best to see that they are returned in the morning?

When the PFC, who has disappeared from all of his friends, contacts you to give specific details of his plans to use his assigned weapons to kill the rest of his platoon (or as many as he can before they kill him), how do you respond to his request to help him go AWOL?

When a 19 year old, facing a court order that he will not be able to see his 16 year old girlfriend who is pregnant with his child, asks you to find out how they can get married as quickly as possible (and negate the court order), do you make the calls?

I was born with cerebral palsy, which meant that I would never intentionally be a biological parent…

When a 16 year old immigrant who has religious and philosophical differences with his father, informs you that you have been almost as much as a father to him, and that he expects you to continue to be his father, which includes getting him through his high school graduation, what is the correct response?

OK… I’ll answer the last one. I was a proud father at my son’s graduation, and he, his Egyptian parents and I agree that he is a high maintenance 19 year old, and needs more than two parents. I tried to make a video of him picking up his diploma, but dropped the camera in a fit of emotion.

He (my son) insists that I was his father even before we met, and that some sort of higher authority brought us together. Because I don’t understand it, I’m not going to argue.

And, to continue the last item…

When my 19 year old son is facing immigration problems, and does his best to convince me that getting married will help his immigration status (even though his lawyer says i won’t), do I get on the internet and help him marry the woman who loves him?

I’ve got to do what is right.