Love is like a Rollercoaster

Rayshena - westland, Michigan
Entered on June 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Love is like a Rollercoaster

When you’re in love with someone you will have some ups and downs. Somedays you may not be able to stand that person, and may wonder what in the world were you thinking when you decided to get with them. Other days you may feel they are so wonderful and you just appreciate them in so many ways. This I believe love is like a rollercoaster.

Your feelings may sometimes go away for that moment, love always come back sometimes slower than others. Thats why they say paste beats waste. Thats why you see divorcing couples getting back together.

Running to do things out of anger is not a good ideas. Its best to wait till you’re calm enough to resolve the issue and then see if you’re ready to move on. Because you can feel like you love someone 20% and the other person may feel the other 80% but this switches all the time. Those are some steep percentiles, it doesn’t have to be that far apart but just know its never even. Now if that aint a rollercoaster i dont know what is.

In the three years i have been with my husband we have had our ups and downs.

It all started in april 2006 we were all fine because we had just moved in together. Mostly every thing is good until your personality clash with your mate.

Everyone goes through this at one point or another in their relationship because both individuals have a different point of view.

We would argue like cats and dogs and sometimes even fight when we get to furious about the arguement we were having.

I would be so convinced that i was leaving him or vice versa, but we would be right back that following week in love with eachother. Now if thats not a rollercoaster what is?

We stayed together for a year before i got preganant thats when we went through a drastic change. I felt like now that we were having a child i didn’t want to be fighting and arguing. I didn’t want my children to be around that.

We were apart for 2 months, then when we got back together we eventually got married. We still argue alittle, but we dont fight. So theres still a roller coaster there it’s just not as steep. This is why i believe love is like a rollercoaster.