This I Believe

Stacie - Huntsville, Alabama
Entered on June 27, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: love

I believe in something many people dismiss as a fantasy: I believe in True Love. I believe it is real, and is the most potent magic in the world. It seems to be so rare that it’s no wonder so many folks doubt it exists.

I know it does. I believe True Love is the cause and purpose of my life and consciousness. Possibly, it is the cause and purpose of all life and consciousness.

I spent the first thirty-five years of my life ardently seeking True Love. I stumbled blindly into numerous adventures, dead-end jobs, and far too many painfully dysfunctional relationships. I joined and left many churches. I took up and discarded many passions. I had no idea what I was doing – or ought to be doing – with my life. I only sensed that there was one primary relationship, one profoundly Significant Other whom I had to find or be forever unsatisfied. So I plunged into every romantic possibility that offered itself, never looking before I leaped. Boy, did I get hurt, again and again!

Then I hit the bottom. I was trapped in the worst romantic mistake of a life full of such mistakes, prisoner of an emotionally absent and abusive man. Had my hunger for True Love only served to lead me into hell?

It was then I had my epiphany. I had been going about my quest in the wrong way! I had asked, “Who will love me, if only I can be good enough to deserve it?” I should have asked, “Whom shall I love? Who will prove worthy of me?”

In that time of clarity, I wrote a description of my True Love in my journal, as if I were creating the hero for a story. I was careful to include such human faults and flaws as I knew I could accept and tolerate; I wasn’t seeking perfection… but I knew I would have to raise, not lower my standards where men were concerned.

The character I created on paper seemed so vividly real, I felt sure he had to exist somewhere. Surely he and I were destined to find each other someday. I would stop searching and wait for him to find me.

In the meantime, I had to love myself enough to escape from the mess I was in. I gathered strength and resources to do that.

Then a perfume house introduced a fragrance actually called True Love. The scent awakened something in me…hope, desire, the faint beginnings of a new and sustaining faith. I daydreamed that wearing the perfume would really bring me True Love.

I went back to my hometown and concentrated on putting my life back together. I gave myself daily doses of True Love…both the fragrance and the belief that I was worthy of the Real Thing.

Shortly thereafter, I met him. HIM. The Love of My Life, the man I was meant for, who was meant for me. He was, and is, everything I described when I wrote out my heart’s desire.

We have now been together for nine years, married for seven. We have undergone severe trials, including poverty, family conflicts, and other such troubles…and our True Love grows stronger with every test, trial, and adventure we face together. In all our hardships, we have never let go of our founding faith: that we are meant for each other.

My husband is not perfect, of course, but he is perfect for me. He complements and fulfills me completely, giving me everything I need to be my best, bravest, happiest self. I know I can count on his love to strengthen and support me through whatever adventures may be in store for us.

We still celebrate our love physically every blessed night!

In our coming together, we have made a way for the ultimate True Love to spill out into this lonesome, hurting world and transform at least our little part of it into Paradise. This I believe with all my heart.