kimberly - gainesville, Georgia
Entered on June 26, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: Christianity

I have read many things recently that try to prove God isn’t real or claim he’s not real for lack of proof. Yet it is ‘faith’ that makes Christ real. ‘Real’ in the sense that people are looking for. Faith in God unleashes Christs power in your life. In fact, the proof is all around us, in the trees and flowers and all the immaculate nature scapes that man certainly had nothing to do with. Moreover, God lives inside each created being (another thing man had little to do with) and is tapped into by our belief in him and our faith that we believe without seeing. If you pray and ask God to reveal himself to you i guarantee you that a miraculous event will take place. trouble is the non-believer will have trouble understanding it or may not be able to see it atall because it involves some level of faith. Therefore you stop praying because you don’t believe and there you have it. God says if we have faith the size only of a mustard seed we will see him in glory. A mustard seed is interestingly the tiniest seed of all the seeds and produces the largest plant.

No soapbox, lets just explore the idea that God IS real. As hard as it is for some to believe, what other explanation is there, scientific or otherwise that makes God such an impossible option? Jesus lived and there is proof of that in the discovery of the shroud of Turin if you need proof. The ark, Noah’s Ark, was discovered frozen in the Turkish mountains several years back. Countless witnesses were recorded in the best seller of all times, The Bible. The fact that the Bible was recorded over many years is usually what non-believers use to state their case but actually that fact makes my case much better in that, God confirms himself over and over with the things recorded in the Bible. Not peeking your interest? Well, i can only give my account of my life and how i see it. So here goes….

When i was younger i had a questioning phase and i wanted to know why i believed. Was it because my parents believed or because i believed. I began searching and studying different religions to discover Christianity (the religion i was born into) was the only form of religion that worshiped a risen savior. All other religions worshiped either idols (totem poles, etc.) or mortal men. The trinity is a little tricky but the best explanation i can offer is that God is God and can’t look at sin, he had to send his son… basically God in flesh form… to declare his presence to the world and inevitably become an offering to God for the whole worlds sin, then the Holy Spirit is what we’re left with here on earth to be our guide (our conscience) and link to all things heavenly. Well, maybe that’s too much for a scientific brain to grasp but assuming it’s real, you can also assume all your sins are wiped out and as far as the ocean floor from God’s mind. Hence, you will be able to stand before God one day (since Jesus died for us all and paved our way) see without Jesus we wouldn’t be able to enter heaven since God can’t look upon sin and we’re all sinners.

In a nutshell we are saved by grace, free undeserved grace. We will never ever be able to work our way into heaven or be nice enough to be accepted or rack up enough good deeds to become ‘good enough’ it’s just an impossibility. We are born sinful and must resist our sinful natures every day of our lives. I was so happy when i realized that eternal life is a gift, not something i could ever earn. That’s what frees you spiritually, just knowing that God loves us and wants to be with us so badly that he created a sacrifice to be able to be near us.

So, we are to just believe this crazy story of a supernatural birth and death and resurrection, the whole bit. I understand how hard that is to swallow but i also would be interested in ANY other explanation anyone has. Like i’ve said, MAN certainly didn’t create Man. Eve sinned against god in the very beginning and lured Adam into sin. It would’ve been much nicer had she not been tempted and deceived straight away by Satan. What a time we’d all be having, but… no such luck.

How do we begin to believe and walk with God? by simply confessing with your mouth that God is real and sovereign and believing in your heart that it did actually happen and God will meet you right where you are and reveal the truth to you, just ask.