This I Believe

Polly - Indiantown, Florida
Entered on June 26, 2008
Age Group: 65+
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Let’s start at the beginning; (of the Universe, that is). After

studying, with an open mind, different religions of the world, I’ve

tried to understand the nature of God, if there is one or more, and why

He or It is necessary. A God who would fulfill the requirements of

being all knowing and omnipresent. A God who started the universe and

who still takes an interest. The first principal is the obvious but it

is never discussed; If God exists, He, She, It is a :

A. Natural condition in the Universe, not a supernatural or paranormal

condition, as I understand these terms. God would have to have been a

part of the Universe (or universes) from the beginning. He (I’ll use

the 3rd person masculine singular just for convenience and custom) is

not some old man with a beard, sitting on a cloud somewhere, and He is

not separate from nature. O.K. This, the first parameter, is important

later on.

B. God is present everywhere in everything. So how can there be a

Trinity, or, in other words, how can there NOT be a Trinity either,

since millions of souls are connected. How can we NOT all be sons of

God, maybe not as evolved as Jesus or Buddha or Mohammed, but we are

ALL God’s sons. Even Satan is a son of God although apparently he made

a lot of poor choices along the way. This is why I can’t pray to

Jesus. I love Jesus, just as I love George Washington, Christopher

Columbus, Louis Pasteur or Einstein, all wonderful, evolved people, but

one wouldn’t bow down to them. As a matter of fact, as an American, I

don’t bow down to anyone, even God. If I want to talk to God, it would

make more sense to look up towards the beautiful firmament and rejoice

at being alive and part of Him.

O.K., to get back to God being in everything. I used to try to

conceptualize God. That is supposed to be difficult, because all these

other symbols of religion were developed as substitutes, like stars,

crosses, staffs, altars, etc. My first thoughts were that God must be

like the atmosphere of the earth which we breathe in and out, and which

goes to every pore of every living thing on earth. That is a good

concept. It keeps us from thinking we can hide away from being with

Him. It brings the concept down from the clouds and the church. It

allows for the concept that we were made in His image and fulfills the

concept that He knows if a sparrow dies in the forest. It falls apart

when we try to include other universes and the outer reaches of planets

and stars, etc. and between the planets, where there is no atmosphere,

or where the atmosphere is not made up of the same particles. Back to

the drawing board. What is thought? Scientists say that we think when

electrical impulses shoot through our brains, affecting different

chemicals. O.K. , What if God is electricity? Electricity is a part

of what holds the atoms of the universe together. It holds rocks

together, atmospheres, magnets, everything, and it is an essential

ingredient to thoughts. Now we’re getting somewhere. In the beginning

of the Universe was the Big Bang. If God is electricity, the Big Bang

could have been part of an electrical discharge so that will comply

with the rule that God must be a natural phenomenon. The only thing

supernatural or supra natural about this God concept is that this

electrical power may have a conscious mind, an intellect, a

personality. That would satisfy the religions of the world that

believe we have an all-seeing, all-powerful entity watching and

interested in everything going on all over the world.

C. This omnipresent, natural phenomenon is all knowing because he is

part of all the thoughts in the universe, since this electrical force

is connected through the cells and atoms that make up everything and

THIS is why it is important for us to be good and ethical, and why it

is important for us to try to improve rather than tear down the world.

It is also why God created the universe and the world because that

electrical charge goes out and is renewed and brought back stimulated

to the Source (God).

This last concept is my leap of faith part. It is conceivable that the

creator, God, the electrical charge, starting and sustaining force of

the Universe, does not have a mentality, but until I see some proof

that it can’t or doesn’t have a mentality, I choose, because of all the

religions of the world, to believe that He has.

D. On the coming of the Messiah, I believe that if there was to be a

Messiah then Jesus is He, based on the historical, empirical fact that

he has been accepted as a Messiah by so many folks for the past 1700

years. Since I believe that the holy books of all religions are just

old, interesting, folklore, it doesn’t really matter to me if He is or

isn’t a Messiah, because God is the main object of reverence. All the

rest of religious writings are all open to interpretation and debate.

NOTE: I am also suspicious that religious writings are very

chauvinistic and biased, in that women are only considered clean or

holy if they have stayed away from men. That is an unnatural and

abnormal philosophy if I ever saw one. Why do they obsess on that one

criterion? You can kill, steal, loot, gorge or threaten and “No

problem!.” but just lie with a man, and Oh my gosh, you are forever

ruined. It sounds like a man’s attempt at domination to me, and not

spiritual at all.

E. This God flow of energy can be tapped into by meditation and

prayer. Psychics, shamans, and mystics, if they are good, can tune

into this God flow of energy and learn the truth of history and the

present and some idea of future direction. Not that the future is all

programmed in, but they can see various paths and possibilities.