The Scope of perspective

Tiffany - lakeland, Florida
Entered on June 26, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

It’s is amazing to me, life’s little aha moments… As a piano teacher, I see many students every week. Some are practiced, some are not. Some love music, some don’t. But it never ceases to amaze me the continual renewal of learning that I receive from my students. They teach me to live every day, and here is an example of how.

One of my students was having difficulty with a passage that I thought would be simple for her, and I began to get frustrated, thinking that maybe she did not practiced (yes, even teachers get frustrated with their students from time to time). Before I could say anything, I could see the defeat on her face. I then realized that there was a bigger problem. She was so engulfed in trying to figure out each individual note, that she neglected to widen her gaze and take a look at the entire phrase. I took a moment to show her the pattern of the phrase and she smiled. “That is so easy! I can’t believe I didn’t see it!” Look, now it is fun!”

It is so easy in this life to get stuck in the muck on each “note”, each detail of our existence. But every time we focus on the note and don’t look at the phrase, or the music as a whole, we miss out on the experience, the “fun”. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had someone to lean over our shoulder and tell us not to forget to make music with the phrase. Someone to remind us to broaden our scope of vision to the bigger picture so that we could enjoy playing in the moment?

If you had that teacher, would you listen, or continue trying to figure out the next note in front of you. If there was an easier way, a better perspective, wouldn’t you take it? As a teacher, I know that it is my vigilant duty to help my students see beyond where they currently are. To have the vision of something better, even if sometimes they can’t see it for themselves. I wonder if that is how God see’s us. As students of this life that he has laid out for us. Banging out the notes of our existence, and once in a while (hopefully more than that) playing the beautiful melody that he has written for our lives…

Hoping that you make beautiful music today