Curtis - Gainesville, New York
Entered on June 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I was little, around five or six years old, my mother told me I could be anything I wanted: an astronaut, a musician, an athlete, anything I could think of, and people would look up to me. But then I thought what if I don’t want to be anything? Just a simple man, following his path along life’s narrow road. From that point on, I decided I would be different; I would live out my life… as a nobody.

I believe in being nobody. No one big or really important. I believe in being the secondary character, who helps raise up the protagonist, and then backs away to watch. I believe the world wants nobodies, demands them. If everyone was somebody, no one would be. I watch the storm around me as others fight to be great, while I am content with where I am. I don’t want greatness, popularity, fame, power, wealth, or a high political office.

Why? Why a nobody? For one thing, only a few ever become great. Also, as a nobody, the only way someone would want to be my friend, is solely because of me and my personality. Not what I am or what I have. I do not have many friends, and I do not care if I get anymore, but the friends I do have are close. We share many good times together and have fun doing things we enjoy and we all like each other for our personalities, characteristics, and interests. Nothing else really matters, not even looks, if they did, well, I’d be in trouble. Not one of my friends cares about who’s somebody and who’s nobody, because my friends are nobodies, and yet everything to me.

In having fewer friends, I have more time. More time to spend with those friends, grow closer together, learn more about each other and just have a good time. We each know what makes the others happy and sad, our likes and dislikes. I have memories of the happiest moments we spent together, and I can’t remember needing popularity for a single one. I can tell my friends anything and know that they will keep it a secret. The same goes for the secrets they tell me. We have built up trust that was years in the making, and a bond of friendship so thick nothing can break it.

I believe in being nobody. I enjoy my life the way it is, simple and so full of life, without any of the urgency and haste of somebodies. Sure I’m destined to be unpopular and disliked, but it’s who I am and who I will be as long I my body draws breath… I am nobody.