I believe tha we live a new life every day.

ana - kyle, Texas
Entered on June 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that we live a new life every day. This story is about me the changes I have in life and how I have been through it by only believing that there is a new life every day. There is a pain inside me but the biggest one is not willing to say it out loud, maybe it makes me weak or strong, but I do know something, not talking about my pain makes me feel a little bit better. The worst things you can do is lie to yourself, because you don’t talk about it, think about it, is just an ugly feeling you get out of some thing that might never haunt you. Not talking about your pain or not trying to deal with it makes you afraid, there is no way some one can take this pain away but there is a chance of you dealing with it.

When I was a little girl people miss treat me. I never felt love not once, not twice, maybe the word love does not exist, who knows? To me love meant punches, slaps, yelling, neglecting, but now I see that none of these things were love because now I now what love really is; Maybe I do not know it yet but, the fact that I think so much different gives the reason to understand life a little better. Believing on a better day has made me live till today. Life can be real painful either because of your child hood or because you just are not happy with the life you have. All of these things happened, but if we think about how great tomorrow might be, or if we think about something that might make us happy our whole life changes, might be better or worse it really depends on what we think. Life is made out of hope and suffering. If you do not appreciate life, learn about it, and enjoy it because you might be here today but you never know what is going to happen tomorrow. I believe that all of us live a new life every day, I believe that I live a new life every day, even though I wake up and I’m wearing the same socks I slept in the night before you can still feel like your life is new because you believe it. Even though you can still breathe the same air you breathed the day before you feel better, you have another reason to keep your head up to the world. You just need to believe in your self and on what ever you feel. I believe that my life is gone better since I can remember, from crying at night, hiding so my mom would not know that I was crying; to sleeping the whole night without worrying if people make me feel upset today. I believe that we live a life every day because that is the way I live.