Imperfect Perfection

Jessamy - Buda, Texas
Entered on June 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in imperfection. I believe each and every person’s characteristics and qualities make them human, and different, and unique. I like being the girl that everyone stares at sometimes for being “weird”. I love having the friends that like to do random things in public, like run around Wal-Mart chasing each other while eating stolen doughnuts. I like having inside jokes with my little sister and laughing uncontrollably around the rest of my family and have them getting annoyed at how obnoxious we are.

I believe in imperfection. I come from a divorced family of four. My father is very punctual, very strict, and very schedule-oriented. My mother on the other hand, somehow always seems to be a little late, very easy-going, and very forgiving when mix-ups occur. I see myself so much in my sister, as I can understand as being her role-model and her liking the way I talk or dress or the music I listen to. I see my dad in her, always needing to be on time and getting uneasy when she’s late. I see my mom in myself, always a minute or two late, not worrying about the little stuff, enjoying life as it comes to you, never really having a set-in-stone future.

Imperfections are what attract me to others. Their big foreheads, small ears, crooked teeth, freckles. The way they talk, the way they walk. What their passions are, their love-interests, their attitude towards religion, their jobs, their preferences and dislikes. Those are what make up real people. People I can relate to, people I can talk to, people who understand that life should be solely lived to the fullest extent.

I wish everyone could have a view inside my head and see the outlook on life that I have. But then again, wouldn’t that make up peoples different imperfections? Having an observation or opinion on their own life?

I haven’t come to fully accept myself and every thing that comes along with being me. But I have come to accept that every single person surrounding me at this moment or involved in my life can’t ever be the way I want them to be or change themselves for anyone except for themselves.

Imperfection is what makes others strive to do better, help someone else, or just learn to cope with different situations. Imperfection makes each and everyone of us human.

I believe in imperfection.