Words and Actions

Demi - USA
Entered on June 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

June 24, 2008

I believe that words speak louder than actions. While you were young, when a classmate or friend insults you, you might have just replied with “Sticks and stone may break my bones but words may never hurt me,” but as you grow up when someone says something hurtful you can’t just say that anymore. It hits you big time. People can be crude to one another whether they’re just messing around or actually being serious. Everyone has given an insult sometime in there lifetime, I too have been the one to give an insult. Maybe I didn’t mean it at the time, but it was still an insult.

At the beginning of my first high school year, I was really excited. No more middle school. I had just taken one pre-ap class which was English and I thought that it would be pretty easy. Because I had taken pre-ap classes in middle school, but boy was I wrong! I struggled in that class the very first six-weeks. It was difficult to balance sports and school at the same time. I remember thinking to myself “ok I am going to take high school seriously and do all of the work no matter what” well I tried to, but I just focused on sports rather than school work. I had never failed on a report card until I hit high school. When I failed the first six weeks and was not aloud to play in my last volleyball games, I was devastated. That was a wake up call for me personally. I said to myself that I would take these six weeks seriously unlike the last six weeks. Well soccer had started. I was so happy that the sport I was waiting to play had finally come. Then again I made the same mistake. I took sports more seriously than anything else.

Well I was on the bus sweating, my heart was beating rapidly, and butterflies were in my stomach. I felt as if someone had turned the heater on in the bus. When I got home the first thing my mom said was “let me see your report card” well when she saw it. She had the most disgusted look on her face. She had gotten furious all of a sudden and started yelling at me saying “you’re worthless!” and “you might as well go live on the streets if you’re not going to take school seriously!” so I went outside and then a river of tears appeared on my face. I couldn’t believe the things she said to me.

I was sitting on the front step sobbing. Those words my mom had told me hurt me like a ton of bricks being thrown at me. I didn’t think I would I ever talk to my mom after that, but as I was going inside my mom called me over too her and we had a calm talk. She had told me that she didn’t mean what she had said but if I didn’t get my grades up she would make me quit the soccer team.

I didn’t want that to happen so the third six weeks I passed my final and class with a high enough average to get my ½ credit. I love my mom so much for pushing me like she did. The moral of my story is if she didn’t say the things she did I would have never thrived myself to reach a goal. Not just for my mom, but for myself. I believe that words speak louder than actions.