The Nothing Essay

Nina - buda, Texas
Entered on June 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that there is no use for essays in the world. All they are is waste of time. You sit there and just write about something, either about what you think of a topic, or just informing people on unimportant subjects. Now, writing that is important, are books that people write either for pleasure or learning. Essays, all they do, are giving you a person’s opinion on a topic, subject, or idea.

I believe that there are no uses for essays in the world, because I have never been very good at writing. English has never come easy to me, so this has caused me to dislike writing, especially essays. Math has always been my strong point. My mind just understands numbers a lot better than words. My friends learned this after a while, and have been able to learn how to explain things to me in math like terms. One time I was having trouble concluding an essay that I was writing for World History, so I went to my friend, who always helps me with my writing assignments. He told me to think about the conclusion in a formula. The formula he gave me was i + m = c. i stands for Introduction paragraph, m stands for middle paragraphs and c stands for conclusion.

With this formula I was able to finish my essay. I got a decent grade on this essay; it wasn’t an amazing grade though. Even though it felt good to get a good grade on an essay for once in my life, it did not change my mind about how useless essays are. It takes forever to write your first sentence of your essay and then you can go on for a few sentences with no problem, but then you get stuck again. Essays just take up your time that could have been spent with family, friends, or even helping animals.

Essays I understand can be fun for some people, but I don’t see that they have a purpose in the world. We could live with out essays easily. Just by taking the time to write this essay I have gone against my whole belief. I spent over three days trying to figure out my belief for this essay, and I know for a fact that my belief of essays not being useful or important is completely correct. Just by reading this essay you can see how unimportant essays are. My essay is nothing important, because all of it is me complaining about essays, along with any other essay all the do is either complain or brag. In conclusion to this useless essay I will say this essay was a waste of my time.