My Voice has Power

Kortney - kyle, Texas
Entered on June 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The power of your voice is never left unheard, yet we forget to speak.

I can’t seem to understand that. We as people are quick to talk about others, but when asked our opinion on something we stay quiet or say something like”I don’t know.” My father constantly tells me that “I don’t know is not an answer” and “the only way to get a question answered is to ask it.” I never understood what he meant; I thought he just wanted me to start asking more questions in school. I soon began to understand.

I was watching a documentary on Rosa Parks, and as they told her story I got to thinking about what my father had said. That’s when it clicked he didn’t just mean “if you have a question ask it”, there was more to it than that. It was my opinion. If I have opinions on something say it. That was it there’s nothing more to it. If Ms. Parks hadn’t said her opinion and if Martin Luther King Jr. had not told us his dream where would we be? Would I be here in this class with people who are of a different race than me? Would some of us even exist if we are mixed with 2 or more races?

So you’re wondering what does this have to do with anything? Well I was asked to write a paper on what I believe and I believe in the power of your voice, just the fact that we have the freedom of speech but we do not use it to our advantage puzzles me. I think that if I have a chance to give my opinion then I shouldn’t just sit here in silence. Take a stand tell them what you are thinking. You never know you may have a valid point. You could possibly change someone’s life (for the good) if you just say what you are thinking or what you feel. I am not saying I am not at fault because I too have had times to voice my opinion but I stood there in silence, this is why I am telling everyone here to just remember “a question will never get answered if you don’t ask it.”

If the powers of our voices are never left unheard then maybe we need to speak up so we too can be heard. Our opinions are never wrong because they are exactly that…Opinions. Then again this is just my opinion.